New France

Game 1: Beaver River

Beaver, Alchemy, Spirits, People of the Lake

A great beaver was building a great dam that created an evergrowing lake in the area and especially on the land own by the people of the lake. Wolf bought this issue to the attention of the Order of Saint-George which decided to investigate and maybe get some nice large beaver pelt.

After some discussion with the leader of the people of lake to get access to the site the group went to investigate and found out that the beaver could talk and that he seemed compel to build such a large dam.

With the discovery of human footprint in the area it was decided that foul play was involved and the group found a large metal rod in the water. Once pulled out, the beaver started to act out normally and wondered why he build such a big dam.

While Wolf have found that the footprint came from his village, Henri and Marie found out that the metal rod,which is made out of lead, is inscribed with various alchemical symbols.


Midnotion Philature

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