New France

Game 4: A Tree, A Celebration and Clockwork Men?

The Order was surprised by the sudden appearance of a large maple tree close to the town square and the church. Their investigation of the tree have so far revealed that it have aetheric magical property. Furthermore, the tree seem to always have been there.

Not so long after the appearance of the tree, the city got busy preparing thanksgiving under the village big maple. The Mayor, Theodore St-Laurent, decided that this year celebration should only be with good christian as recent event have shown the inhabitant of the village need to stick together.

Sister Isable reacted by trying to convince the mayor and all of the town councilors to have an open all inclusive ceremony. In the meantime, Wolf decided to hold a thanksgiving day all of his own that was going to be all inclusive off course. Both got the backing of the Curate, Germain St-Cyre.

In the meantime, Henry and Cosette investigated the sudden appearance of aetheric enegry close to Ariane Coté land which seem to be moving toward the town big maple. Suspicious of a growing pile of dirt on her property, Henry asked the widow if he could examine the barn but got denied over safety reason. However, that did not stop Henry which started digging a big hole toward the aetheric energy. Despite two interruption by the Constable Henry McArthur, of which one nearly got to a fight, they found the source of a the aetheric energy, two sturdy and tireless clockwork men which made quick work of Cosette which had to be rescued by Wolf, Sister Isabel and Henry.

Henry safely secured the clockwork men and the following started investigating them. In the meantime, the Curate had a moving sermon about thanksgiving and the Mayor, Theodore St-Laurent, and the city Councillors decided to hold another meeting at the town hall to discuss the matter in a general meeting.


Midnotion Philature

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