Habitant of St-Jacques

French Settlers

Théodore St-Laurent – Mayor and land owner

Jean-Alfred Couture – Veterinarian, farmer and councillor

Samuel-Edouard Lefebvre – Banker and city councillor

Romain Lepotiron – Notary and city councillor

Marc Joassin – Married to Marie-Caroline, a bit lost sometimes.

Marie-Caroline Joassin – Tough girl married to Marc, wears the pants at home.

Jean Dubois – A farmer heading the largest family in the area with 11 children.

Cyprien Desjardin – The owner of the town’s general store.

Janine DesJardin – Wife of Cyprien, she takes care of bookkeeping for the store.

Ti-Jean – The local vagabond.

Arianne Coté – The local widow, her husband died not too long ago and she has four children. The two eldest are girls who help her out with farming.

Toussaint Dursol – Lives a solitary life as a trapper.

Pierre Labelle – Rough guy with a small family on the outskirt of town.

English Settlers

Gordon Edward – Foreman for J.R. Booth

David Dinkins – Foreman for the Gilmour Company

James Keith Simpson – Chief Trader for the Hudson Bay Company for the area. He runs the local fur trading post with the help of his staff. Spends a lot of time in Montreal but has the largest property in the area.

Doctor Jeremy – The local doctor.

Henry McArthur – Constable, previously part of the English army.

Members of the Catholic Church

Curate Germain St-Cyre – Town curate, he is the highest religious authority in the village.

Sister Josephine – Franciscan nun, housekeeper in the town church

Father Charlemagne – Dominican priest, missionary to the local natives and metis.

Brother Pierre – Dominican priest, Father Charlemagne’s helper and support staff.

Brother Francis – Jesuit priest, often travel back to Montreal.

Members of the Lake Tribe:

Nixkamich (Grandfather) – Megedagik’s grandfather.

Makkapitew (Big Teeth) – Clan Leader of the people of the lake. Forced to step down because of dissension in the tribe (sowed by the party)

Sokanon (Rain) – Megedagik’s aunt, witch doctor of the tribe.

Alsomse (independent) – A great female hunter, currently the head hunter of the tribe; Makkapitew’s niece. Betrayed the animal spirits, was eaten in revenge when the spirits were freed by Henri Talon and the Order.

Adahy (Lives in the Wood) – Hunter of the People of the Lake. Christian. New chief of the Lake Tribe.

Hausisse (Old Woman) – Big Teeth’s sister and Alsomse’s mother

Nittawosew (She is not sterile) – A woman of the tribe; very “friendly”

Members of the Deer Tribe

Demothi (Talk while Walking) – Gatherer and Scout for the Deer tribe.

Kitchi (Brave) – Head hunter of the tribe, younger brother of Demothi.

Kanti (Sing) – elder of the people of the deer and de facto leader, great-grandfather of Demothi and Kitchi

Taregan (Crane) – Shaman of the people of the deer


Florent – A trapper and hunter; also takes work guiding Father Charlemagne

Pacifique – A woodcutter and foreman for the forestry industry

Habitant of St-Jacques

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